Michael Poladjan

  • 1938 born in Moscow
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow: diploma 1965
  • further training in stage design
  • head set designer for stage, movie and TV
  • 1977 emigration to the Federal Republic of
  • freelance artist
  • member of the Artists' Association of Fine Arts
    in Germany
  • lives and works in Munich as an independent artist since 1984


Since 1959 numerous international group exhibitions amongst others in: Moscow, London, New York, Paris, Sofia, St Petersburg, Yerewan, Berlin, Bonn, Bad Breisig, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Kiel, Kologne, Mannheim, Munich, Nurnberg, Stuttgart, Tubingen

Single exhibitions in Germany, Armenia and Italy

Museums and collections


  • International competition of stage design, Sofia: Grand Prix (1970)
  • Registered in 'Allgemeines Lexikon der Kunstschaffenden' (1986)
  • 2nd award for fine art works on the topic of 'pain', donated by the 5th World Congress on Pain, Hamburg (1987)
  • WTK - 'Science-Technology-Culture in Germany': Medal Tubingen for merits in mental education by painting and pedagogy (1996)
  • Armenian Ministery of Culture: Medal '1700 Years of Christianity as State Religion' for the work dedicated to Armenian cultural and historic topics (1999)
  • Cultural center of Munich, Mohr-Villa: competition for photography and painting, day of the open monument, historic sacred buildings, award for painting (2007)